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Powerstroke Towing has grown to be one of the the most used, reputable tow companies by all major auto insurance as well as major roadside assistance providers for the San Antonio and Bulverde area.
We offer many services, some listed here:

How can I tell a company is TDLR licensed?

The easiest way to find out if a tow company is TDLR licensed is by visiting the TDLR website here and looking up the company in question. You can also look for the 15 digit TDLR number that must be legally displayed on every single service vehicle in letters no shorter than 2 inches in diameter for customers, police officers and other onlookers to identify.

Why is TDLR important?

TDLR Licensing protects you, the consumer, from companies that have not been properly inspected for the correct safety equipment, safety protocols and that have not been insured for the many liabilites that come with handling another person's private property.

What are the consequences of working with a non-TDLR Licensed company?

Using a non-TDLR Licensed company puts you, the customer, at risk of having your towed vehicle impounded. The tow truck in violation will also be impounded. Don't compromise when it comes to towing service. A cheap company can result in expensive consequences.

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